7 Best Apples for Juicing That You Should Know

best apples for juicing

Do you know that there are more than 7500 species of apples all around the world? Surprising it right? It's because we haven't given much thoughts about it when we see the displays of apples in the grocery stores.


So, if you are thinking of doing apple juice at your home, you should start thinking about what kind of apples are the best for juicing. What are the best types of apples for juicing that you will find in the stores near you? I will give you a list of everything you need to know about apple home juicing.

When you want to make juices out of fruits, as juice, you have all the freedom on what type of Apple you should use. Be creative and experimental to try other apples other than what you grew up with.

Benefits of Apple Juice

best apples for juicing

We know that apple has a healthy benefit for our bodies. Indeed, "an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Whatever nutrients you get from eating apple will be the same with the apple juice you'll create from it. Apple juice promotes health living because it contains disease-fighting vitamins. It has an antioxidant content which reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Here are some of the astonishing health benefits of drinking apple juice:

Glowing Skin

Apple juice is essential for hair and skin related problems. It can be used as a remedy to reduce itching, inflammation and other skin problems. It's also good to fight dandruff. Why? Because it contains amount vitamin C that keeps your skin, tendons, and ligaments healthy by producing collagen.

Diabetes Prevention

Apple juice is also liked to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Why? Apple contains phytochemical that is vital in sugar regulation. These compounds help in secreting insulin and absorption of glucose.

Weight Loss

Apple discourages you from overeating because of its fiber contain that makes your tummy full. It also has a low calorific value and sodium that helps excretes water from our body.

You already know few of the amazing benefits of apple juice. Now, these are the apples that you can choose from in your home juicing venture. Examine each to decide what to use in your next juicing.

Top 7 Best Apples for Juicing

#1 Gala Apples

Gala apples are prominent in New Zealand, but it also became a prominent apple in America. Gala apples vary in color, from yellow-striped to red to cream.

However, the gala apples that you can buy at supermarkets are miss or bit hit. Sometimes they are less sweet and floury than they should be. But, the apples which are grown in homes are really shiny. It is juicier, sweeter than the apples you can buy from the stores.

So, if you happen to know a neighbor who grows this kind of apples, you might just buy from them to achieve the juicier effect. If you consider juicing as part of your diet, then you stick with gala apples.

#2 Granny Smith

If you want an apple which is a low-sugar juicing apple, then Granny Smith is the best for you. It's a juicy and crisp apple that is popular in pies but a great apple for juicing too.

It is said that Granny Smith is an Australian native Apple discovered during a chance seeding by "Granny" Anne Smith of New South Wales. It has a distinct green flesh with a little red blush and a tart flavor.

This is a kind of green apple that has acidic and bitter flavor in them; it means that it's not that sweet like other apples in the market. If you don't want a sweet apple juice, Granny Smith might suit you. Regarding nutritional benefits, its antioxidant level and has higher potassium content than other apples. Aside from juicing, this apple works equally well in a sauce, pie, and snack.

#3 Red Delicious

I like to call this apple as Snow White's apple. This apple is a popular specie of apple in the United States, especially for the expert home juicers. This kind of apple that produces more sugar than others, producing a sweeter taste that is perfect for those who like sweet apple juice.

No wonder why red delicious is one of the best tasting and sweetest apples for juicing. Along with the granny smith, it's one of the apples that produces high nutrient content like antioxidants and fiber.

#4 Yellow Delicious

This kind of apple is the 'parent' of red delicious and gala apples. It produces lesser sugar than gala apples and red delicious. However, if you are still looking for an apple with lower sugar content, this might not be the best for you. It still has sugar content which is almost the same as the red delicious and gala apple, but the sugar is only masked with the acidic taste because of its acid content.

But, if you want a juice tart tasting, this Apple will suit you.

#5 Fuji Apple

This apple is originally developed in Japan and was named after Mt. Fuji, a famous mountain. The popularity of this apple in juicing is skyrocketing because of its firmness and sweet flavor.

#6 Ashmead's Kernel

This apple has been around since the 1700s and came from old England. It has been popular because of its sweetness and slightly different flavor.

Its taste is more like of a pear although it's an apple. It is traditionally a dessert apple but is now a favorite juicing apple. If you make is as juice, is has a different taste than other apples but the nutritional value is being retained.

#7 Pink Lady

Well, this apple obviously bears its name, pink lady. Its cultivar name is Cripps Pink. It gained its name because of its pinkish-reddish look. They are firm and exudes an effervescent finish and tart flavor.

Those are the seven best apples for juicing you can try at home. Whatever your preference is, whether you like it sweet, medium sweet, a little bit bitter, acidic and something in between these flavors, you can achieve it because there are many kinds of apples in the world.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this list enjoying and informative. There are many wonders of apples, especially for juicing. Aside from its nutrients that make your body healthy, its flavor will soothe your insides.

If you have amazing experiences about apple juicing, please share it with us. You can also leave your comments, questions, and suggestions on the comment box below.

Charlotte Lane

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