Top 5 Best Whetstone For Your Knife And The Things You Need To Know

Sharpening your knives is also a way of taking care of them. However, in deciding what type of sharpener to use, this can be very confusing. There are a lot of whetstone available in the market and you just can’t decide what to buy. They vary from electronic to manual.


If you are having confusion, read through this post to know what are the things you need to consider and which brands are the best in the market.

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Top 5 Best Whetstone 2017

1. Sharp Pebble Whetstone Sharpening Stone 2

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The product was enticing and it is one of the bests in the Amazon market. This is because of its prominent feature –its two sided stone that provides different grades in sharpening your knife- from hard coarse to fine. It also comes with a kit that contains a rubber and a bamboo base, an angle guide, and an e-book manual.

The bamboo base actually increases the height of the item, which allows the user to sharpen the knives easier. This keeps the product in place. The base also guarantees the safety of the user because it makes the sharpener more stable, avoiding unnecessary accidents. The angle guide is so convenient and effective. It holds the knife in the right angle to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The e-book manual is one of a kind. This manual doesn’t just have the step by step instructions on how to use the product but it also has some guiding tips and techniques in how to efficiently use the item. It is very convenient because you could keep a soft copy of the manual.

The product is also durable and multi-purpose. Some of the sharpeners have plastic bases. However, this one has a wooden base which makes it tougher than the others. You can also use it not just for your knives but also for any sharp objects that need sharpening.The product is also very easy to use and clean and is very convenient to use even if you are not an experienced user.


  • Has two sides of grit
  • No need for oil lubricant
  • Provided with a guide
  • Has an angle guide
  • Bamboo base that is manually crafted


  • Blue smudges cover the white side of the stones you sharpen (can be a bit messy)

2. KING Sharpening Stone Whetstone

best whetsone

This product is another one of the most effective and efficient sharpener I have used. This is also because of the kind of stone it is made. While some people would prefer diamond abrasives and other kinds of stones, whetstone can actually have a good effect on your sharpening. This is even cheaper than buying some sharpeners with diamond abrasives.

It comes with two grits sides - coarse grit 800 and 4000 grit side, which makes it more usable for different sharp objects. I have used it in my sharp tools other than my knives, such as my big scissors and it was able to make my scissors very sharp. It has a plastic base that makes the whole item steady when you are sharpening your knives. The plastic base may not be very sturdy compare to other materials but it actually gives the product a fresh look.

The brand is also a trusted brand in Japan. This somehow gives guaranty that the product is of quality. The sizes are 8 inches x 21/2 inches and one inch thick. This type of size are for knives no longer than seven inches.


  • Quality stone
  • Good for sharpening, prepping, and polishing any sharp objects
  • Two grit slide


  • NO English translation of instructions (manual)
  • Needs to have more strain in order to revive the profile of edges which are made blunt

3. Love The Kitchen Sharpener Kit, Whetstone 800/3000 Grits

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I marked it as one of the best. Like any other best sharpeners brands, it also comes with two sides of grit – 800 grit side and 3000 grit size. The stone used are sourced from Japan. It is bigger than other competing brands, thus it is heavier in weight. While some would associate this as a con, this can be a good side because the heavier it is, the more stable it can be during usage.

It also comes with a lapping stone and dual-based storage box that is adjustable. The vented plastic storage box can also serve as your base. This feature is really effective. It makes the item very economical with the integrated carrier. It doesn’t need any oil for lubricant.

When it comes to its quality and durability, the company offers a sixty days money back when the customer is not satisfied with the product.


  • Bigger and heavier
  • Made stable
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Video tutorial is provided
  • Two grit sides


  • Can be heavy to carry
  • Can be a bit expensive

4. Sentima Whetstone Knife Sharpener with 400 and 1000 Grit

What you can notice when you use the product is that like most expensive brands, it is very easy and convenient to use even if you are a first-timer in sharpening.

When it comes to its effectiveness, the item is of premium quality, is usable for different kinds of sharp objects, and provides a two sided grits – 400 grit side and 1000 grit side. The kind of stone also contributes to its efficacy. Whetstone has been known as an effective material for sharpening objects.

The base is made with bamboo, which adds to its fresh looks and durability. It has a rubber that is inserted between the bamboo base and the whetstone to make sure that it has a tight grip, and making the item more stable when being used. It also provides an angle guide to make sure that you sharpen your knives at the right and accurate angle.It is designed for convenience and is very easy to clean after being used.


  • Excellent grit
  • Best Quality honing stones
  • Has a special sharpening corner to sharpen any sharp tools


  • Not suitable for knives which are bigger and longer than seven inch.

5. Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone with Grit #1000

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It might be synthetic but it also provides a good sharpening process. Aside from this, the item works very quickly on sharpening because the type of stone that is used exposes a fresh layer of abrasive. It doesn’t need any expensive oil because it just needs water to be very effective.

The brand is also a trusted brand in Japan for its offered quality in their products. It just has one grit side – 1000 grit.


  • Has a plastic base
  • Made by the trusted brands in Japan
  • Provided with a guide
  • Durable
  • Needs only water, no expensive oil is needed


  • Only one grit

What are Whetstones (Sharpening Stone)?

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Whetstone is the most common tool for sharpening. While some uses electric and handheld sharpeners, most of the people, due to its familiarity through ages, use the stones. There are three most common materials in making whetstone - the Aluminum oxide, Novaculite, and Silicon Carbide. These three elements are commonly known as India, Crystolon, and Arkansas.

The Arkansas stones have a coarse grit type as well as fine grit type. On the other hands the Crystolon are fit for the coarse sharpening while the Indian stones are best for fine sharpening. Because diamond is very hard, some of the stones mix some diamond abrasives to have best cutting edge.

Things to put into consideration when choosing a Whetstone

best whetsone


This is the most searched for when finding a good knife sharpener. It is referred to the tool’s ability to produce a smooth and keen edge without causing any scratches or nicks onto the knife


Find one that has an abrasive and strong surface. The diamond is the considered to be the toughest sharpening material. The next hardest is the tungsten carbide and polished ceramic. An abrasive knife sharpener is measured through the grit.

Grit refers to how large or small the material on a sharpening stone is; higher grit number means a finer abrasive material. For instance, 120 – grit means the material is very coarse and 1000 – grit means the material is very fine.

Angle guide

Some of the good sharpeners are easy and even if you’re not into sharpening, you would find it very easy to sharp the edge of your knife. However, other sharpeners are not like this. So you really need to find an adjustable and very accurate angle guide that could really support and hold the blade properly during the process, avoiding unnecessary harmful accidents.

The best angle guides are those that have 15 to 20 degrees and that can accommodate several blade angles.

Sharpening Stages

To reshape the knife edges, the coarse abrasive is used. This is to mend the dull or damaged knives and make them sharper than ever. Finer abrasive, on the other hand is used for polishing and touch-ups. But the gist here is to find a product that can provide both.

Safety features

Knives should be handled with care. It is of necessity to not let yourself pull off some skin on your fingers. This is why when choosing a fit product, safety should be one of your main concerns.

Some of the manual sharpeners allow you to put some barrier that protect your fingers from the blade. Other sharpeners such as electric sharpeners have rails or slots to guide the knife. This is to defend your hand by guiding the knife to the disks.


Make sure that the product is durable and at the same time, provides a longer warranty. You can already have the idea about the product’s durability when the warranty date offered is too soon. You should also make sure that the company where you bought your item provides a good customer service – helps you answer some questions, gives you some tips and advises, provides the adequate information about the product.

How to properly use a Whetstone: Helpful tips

Stones are the most used type of sharpening tool for centuries because of its efficacy that has been proven over the course of time. Whatever type of stone you might have, the proper way to use them are actually similar.

One of the techniques is to out your stone on a damp cloth or towel on a flat surface. This would really help you have a balance and this avoids the stone slipping or sliding when you are sharpening your knife

To be able to sharp it effectively, you should start from the very course side of the stone, this is typically on the top part of the stone. In this way, you are forming the knife blade in its correct shape quickly.

When you use a sharpening stone, make sure you lubricate the stone. Other stones would require you to use water, while others require you to use oil. You need to follow what has been required to use. Another thing to take note is to not change the lubricant you use after the first use. When using oil, olive and other vegetable oils are not allowed to use. On the other hand, diamonds stones and other stones do not need any lubricant at all.

My Best Whetstone Choose?

For this roundup, the winner is the No.1 - Sharp Pebble Whetstone 2 Grit 1000/6000. It is made with a bamboo base that is manually crafted by hands. This makes the item more stable, allowing you to have a complete control. It is also aided with an angle guide to support you in order for you to have an accurate angle when sharpening. It is also not expensive, considering the quality it offers.

Aside from this, it has an ebook manual that lets you know some of the tips and techniques in how to effectively use the item.

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