Is Coffee Fattening? The True About Coffee That You Need To Know

is coffee fattening

Sometimes it feels like there are too little hours in a day to get things done. For those who aren’t morning, people need their daily fix of coffee. With cafes left and right, it is easy to get a cup of joe on the way to work.


We are consuming a lot of caffeine during the day to remain functional and alert, but are there side effects to this? In fact, more and more people are getting conscious of how many calories one dash to Starbucks is worth. So the big question is: Is coffee fattening?

What Is Coffee?

Not everyone has a good start once they wake up in the morning. In fact, people function better at particular times of the day. Morning people have no problem waking up in the morning and feel less groggy than others do. In any case, having a cup of coffee in the morning is a great way to jumpstart the day.

Did you know coffee comes from the green seeds cherry fruits on a Coffee tree? The beans are actually the seeds inside the coffee and are roasted. It is after the roasting that the beans get its more familiar brown appearance and toasted scent. These get ground and made into brewed coffee.

is coffee fattening

Coffee usually has something called caffeine in it. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant found in some prescription and non-prescription drugs. It is also found in cocoa, chocolate, tea, and soft drinks as well. In moderate doses, up to 250 grams of it, caffeine can help people feel more alert and less sleepy.

However, consuming too much coffee can be bad. There are a lot of side effects from over-indulging in coffee, such as heart palpitations, heartburn/acid reflux, jitters, muscle twitches/spasm, anxiety, insomnia, nausea /vomiting, agitation, headache, and increased breathing rate as well.

Does Drinking Coffee Make Me Gain Weight?

is coffee fattening

Drinking coffee can help you lose weight. In fact, if you drink a caffeinated cup of coffee within an hour before you work out you have more energy. It also helps your body use and burns mostly fat while working out. A major bonus is that it increases your metabolism and suppresses your appetite.

There are some people who take a lot of coffee but see no signs of gaining weight. This is because they don’t take a lot of “extra” things with their drink. A long time ago, coffee was taken in its purest and bitterest form with the addition of some sugar and maybe milk. It was only in the recent decades when a lot of additions to the drink were made. But, how is coffee fattening?

Most of the calories are taken from the syrups, sugars, and creams that are added on top of the coffee itself. This is mainly what will make you gain weight if you make religious trips to get an iced Frappuccino every day. So it is much better to opt to take your coffee black with a sugar substitute.

Don’t go downing some coffee in an attempt to magically lose weight. You have to remember that there are a lot of hormones that coffee tinkers with to give you that boost. For one, cortisol gets elevated when you take caffeine. This means if you take too much of it, the “stress hormone” will also make you gain weight.

Hormones And Your Temporary Fix

Although coffee is the perfect pick me up, you should also consider how it affects you after during and after. Ever think about the times you’ve taken coffee and ended up feeling worse after? This is all in the hormones, and that temporary kick coffee gives you when you take it.

Coffee has a half-life of 4-6 hours and is in your system for a while. Once the caffeine is out of your system, that is when you experience some withdrawal from the caffeine. Of course, there are different degrees as not everyone consumes the same amount of caffeine.

Here are some of the hormones it affects in your body.


This the hormone helps calm the body. When you take in caffeinated coffee, the caffeine inhibits its absorption. This is why you can function much better at the initial intake of coffee. Although you may feel great and are more alert in the short term, the main problem, later on, would be insomnia and other sleep problems.


This is the hormone that gives you an extra boost and gives you the energy to work even when you feel like you’re low on it. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary boost. So the energy you’re getting after drinking coffee will dip sharply when the caffeine’s effect has run out. This leaves people feeling depressed and fatigued. Which leads to more cups of coffee to retain that boost. However, the down side is you’ll be feeling agitated and edgy.


Everyone is familiar with the “stress hormone.” This particular hormone is supposed to help us cope with chronic stress during work and the like. While the coping aspect helps you deal with those stressful work hours, too much cortisol is bad for you. Not only will you be moody and gain some weight. You are also susceptible to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.


This is the feel good hormone that gets released when you feel happy. Caffeine actually increases this feel good hormone’s levels in the body which acts in a way similar to amphetamines. Given coffee’s effects don’t last very long, once it wears off, people feel down and need to get a fix. This leads to physical dependence and addiction to coffee.

Caffeine Alternatives

While coffee is directly associated with caffeine, there are non-caffeinated versions for those who need to drink it. They’ll be getting the same effects, but it won’t be as harsh on the body, and the withdrawal won’t be as bad.

You can also opt to drink teas. Tea also has caffeine and come in many varieties. However, you have to drink this in moderation as too much tea can also be bad for you as well.

is coffee fattening

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you drink coffee in moderation, you will not gain weight. It is a matter of controlling how much “extra” ingredients you include in your drink. At the same time, it boils down to your self-control.

Drinking coffee will definitely help your productivity when you need it, just make sure to take some days off to be safe. Your body needs to be able to function normally without a boost every day. Your future self will thank you for it.

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