The Best 4 Tomato Paste Substitute And How To Make It

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So you have a recipe which needed tomato paste, and you try to check in the pantry and lo and behold! You don't have any tomato paste at hand. You want to try a tomato substitute but seem at a loss on finding a good tomato substitute because you are afraid you are going to compromise the recipe.


You are not alone! Isn't it frustrating when you are about to cook a recipe only to find out that the main ingredient is not available? If you share this experience I had last week, then you are in luck! This article is written for you! Yes, you!

Why There is a Need for Alternative Method

To be completely honest, it was very hard for me, at first, to replace my tomato paste as the main ingredient to my dish. But when I tried doing so, I was amazed and could not seem to turn back.

In this article, I will talk about the favorite tomato paste substitutions that you may want to try at home which I hope would help you find the perfect replacement for tomato paste.

The list of tomato paste replacements that I will give you are inspired by my personal experiences. The following list is also taught to me by one of my greatest friends who is a chef who has grown accustomed to making his tomato paste because of the shortage of ingredients available in the grocery nearby.

A lot of research also provided me some useful resources to be able to write this article. I want to make sure that I'm able to help you as best as I could to assist you with your endeavor in trying to replace your most needed tomato paste.

It is important to note that vision regarding the taste, style presentation, and color, as well as the synergy to want it all done is the key for a successful recipe troubleshooting. Just continue reading until the end of this discussion. Spoiler alert! You will be shocked with tomato paste hack number three!

So I wrote this article for people like me who forgot that I ran out of tomato paste and needed the recipe done. I will give you four tomato paste hacks that are surprisingly easy and quick to do.

Does Tomato Paste Has Alternatives?

Tomato Paste is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand ingredients in recipes more than you could ever imagine. There are probably no replacement for a tomato paste if a recipe needs it. My tip is to look for a tomato paste packed in a squeezable tube so that you can preserve its lifespan longer than necessary simply because it is in an airtight tube.

Tomato paste is mainly made out of tomatoes, so we just have to find the different ways to use it based, of course, on the tomato products that we already have in hand.

I exhibited four replacement methods to substitute Tomato Paste which is easy to follow. And if you need a home-made tomato paste in your recipe, you surely be able to do so without necessarily compromising the recipe. Like mentioned, these methods are quick and easy, and the ingredients are just around your kitchen.

Tomato Paste Hack Number 1: Make a Tomato Paste out of Tomato Sauce

What you need:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Water

What you need to do:

Mix the same amount of tomato sauce and water until it well blended. Next step is a Season the tomato mixture with seasoning according to you taste reference.

Since tomato sauce is usually stuffed with seasonings such as onion, garlic, and herbs, it is imperative to mix it to your homemade tomato paste as well. And drizzle some olive oil and a little amount of sugar. Cook the tomato paste mixture until it is cooked.

Tomato Paste Hack Number 2: Make a Tomato Paste out of Canned Tomatoes

What you need:

  • Canned tomatoes

What you need to do:

Open the can of tomatoes and drain its liquid. Then dice, stew, crush or leave the tomatoes whole according to your preferences. After that, whirl your tomatoes quickly in your food processor or blender.

If it comes out as watery as a regular tomato paste, you can drain off the excess liquid or just cook it down. It is also important to note that there are tomato can products have already been seasoned, so if yours are tasteless or worse, tastes awful: you can make some experiments and add some seasonings until you are happy with the flavor.

Tomato Paste Hack Number 3: Make a Tomato Sauce Substitutes

What you need:

Ketchup and tomato soup

For the ingredients, you may want to use a cup of salsa instead of using tomato sauce. Just add a little bit of basil and some spice to tweak the flavor until you are happy with the taste. Use 10 ounces of tomato sauce.

Because tomato soup tends to be sweeter than a tomato paste, you need to adjust its flavor. To account for the extra liquid, you may want to cut some of the wet ingredients in the recipe to 1/4 cup.

What you need to do:

Leave it in the freezer. You may also want to divide the mixture up into meal-size portions. Just lash up a batch of the crockpot tomato sauce. This way, it will be easier to grab just what you need from the freezer. On top of that, it allows you to have more homemade sauce on hand. By diving the crockpot tomato sauce into the meal-size portion, you can preserve your extra home-made tomato paste safely.

Plus you need to peel, blanch, or core the tomato paste, and it freezes so beautifully, as well! When it's time for you to use or you just need your home-made tomato paste in your recipe, you can thaw it overnight. Or if you are really in a hurry, you can just try defrosting it in the microwave.

Tomato Paste Hack Number 4: Diced Tomatoes in a Can

When you check your cupboard and pantry, and there’s no tomato paste but there but a can of diced tomatoes, well, you’re still lucky! Diced tomatoes in a can is also a good substitute for tomato paste. You don’t have to rush to the store anymore especially if the recipe you are doing requires tomato paste only.

I know I already mentioned tomatoes in can a while ago but those tomatoes are whole, and this one are diced so that the methods might be quite similar, but since the diced tomatoes are smaller, it will have a difference.

What you need:

  • The diced tomatoes in the can of course

What you need to do:

Take the can even if the tomato dice is a large size or medium or small as long as the can is 14.5 ounce. Open the can and pour the diced tomatoes in the saucepan. Don’t include the excess liquid on the can, just make sure you pour the diced tomatoes only. Also, you have to be careful when bringing it to a boil. Make sure it’s over medium heat and not too much or too less.

Remember too that naturally, there is already liquid in the tomatoes as it was drained in the can and it will have a fair amount of liquid, so when you heat it, it will release more liquid. Constantly stir the mixture, so the diced tomatoes will not scorch and taste like burnt sugar. In my experience, it took me at least 10 minutes because the contents should be reduced by two-thirds.

Are you curious of how many ounces of tomato paste this method will yield? A 14.5 ounce of tomato paste made just by your hands! Those are the four amazing tomato paste hacks that I discovered I hope what I shared is helpful to you.

As what I have already told you earlier, the demand for tomato taste in various recipes is unbelievably surprising! As it is inevitable for us to experience ingredients shortage, it is important to know at least some kitchen hack if ever we ran out one of the required ingredients in almost every recipe.

Thus, some knowledge about tomato paste substitute can be great of help at times when we ran out of tomato paste in our pantry. Or for when feeling very adventurous, and we like to experiment and tweak our recipe for a change. Who knows a little change in the ingredients will make our dish extra with its new but great taste of flavor. Just as what happened to me, now I'm never looking back!


Did you enjoy this article? I hope you did! I hope that you saved this too for future references. Who knows when are we running out of tomato paste again right? If you have questions, comments, and suggestions and please tell me, and I’ll gladly respond. My passion is cooking, and I would love to help each and every one of you. Thank you for reading!

Charlotte Lane

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