What Do Scallops Taste Like? All You Need To Know About Scallops

what do scallops taste like

If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay, you’d probably notice that scallops are one of the most featured main ingredients in what he cooks in his shows. If you are thinking of preparing a seafood dish that is healthy and fresh, you might want to consider scallops as Gordon Ramsay does.


But what do scallops taste like? Do they taste like a fish? Or are they like shrimps and lobsters? As someone who has never tasted it before, it can be a little frustrating not knowing what they taste like especially when some of the most prominent chefs in the world enjoyed cooking them.

But you don’t have to worry. We can pop that curiosity bubble above your head because this review will address that problem with some additional information that might help you when you want to prepare a seafood dish with scallops in it, someday.

What Do Scallops’ taste?

Scallops are often likened to some kinds of fish because of its texture and taste. But they are not unless they are not bought fresh from the market. In fact, scallops are widely known as “candy of the sea,” people brand it so because it has a unique sweet taste that is rich in flavor.

Regarding its texture, it is a little bit slimy with a soft-fleshy texture. Or scallops can be best describe as chewy and soft as a marshmallow; it’s just that it has a unique seafood flavor. If you prefer your seafood to be sweet instead of salty, you might like the taste of sea scallops since they are sweeter compare to bay scallops.

That’s why even people who are a little picky on eating seafood, they can still enjoy scallops because of its rich taste of unique seafood flavor with a mild sweetness. So, just like any other seafood, scallops have the salt water smell and fresh taste, as well. When cooked properly, scallops become even tender and moist with flavor.

That’s the reason why most people, and even chefs, prefer to cook scallops because it is already tasty itself and you don’t necessarily have to season it with additional flavors or spices. Its unique flavor can only be discovered when they are eaten raw or cooked the right way.

Scallops are also known to be similar to shrimps because of both are pretty much the same regarding its rich seafood flavor with a mix of sweetness taste and texture which is soft and neutral.

While this is true, scallops can, however, gets a little rubbery and tough in texture when they are over-cooked. Which may also be the reason why many people, as well as the most prominent chefs in the world, enjoy preparing scallops dish.

Scallops 101

Just like lobsters and shrimps, scallops are classified as shellfish which means that abductor muscles between two shells are its treasure which we could eat.

Because seafood in general including scallops can be very tricky to distinguish between the fresh and old, this review offers some guides for you to choose the best scallops and make the most out of it.

How To Choose Good Scallops

  • Choose lump and hold in shape scallops because it is an indication that it is still fresh.
  • Saltwater-smell of scallops is also another indication that it is still fresh.
  • ​Pick diver-caught or dry-packed sea scallops for their high quality instead of bay scallops.
  • ​If you want buy scallops which already out of their shells, choose the shiny and creamy white instead of a bright white in color scallops.
  • An orange or pink tint in scallops is also an indication that they are nutritious.
  • Choose the U10 sized scallops because it is the best size for a perfect seafood flavor with sweetness and texture.

Scallops's Nutrient Facts

Scallops are not just tasty they are rich in nutrients which are the following:

  • Protein
  • Selenium
  • ​Choline
  • ​Zinc
  • Potassium, and other nutrients
  • Iodine
  • ​Vitamin B12
  • ​Phosphorus
  • Magnesium

How to prepare and cook scallops

Pan Fried Scallops Piperade and Garlic Butter

Before anything else, detach the muscles from each side of the scallop shell and rinse them with water. If you bought scallops that are already taken out from its shells, all you need is to wash them with water. Let the scallops dry before cooking them.

Scallops can be used in various ways such as grilling, searing, poaching, baking or it can also be eaten raw just like how we eat Japanese sashimi with mustard and sauce. On top of that, it only takes a little time cooking them. Thus, it is important to note that scallops should not be cooked for a long time because it will make them rubbery in texture and hard to chew.

There are also numerous and famous scallop recipe available on the Internet which you may want to refer if you wish to make a scallop dish. Pick one scallop dish recipe that you find help to guide you in make one.

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